Bits and Pieces

You can download pieces of the distribution here. The source code is in Perl. It is available in "raw" form, or rendered in HTML by perltidy.

The best overall piece of documentation is the sudoscript(8) man page. The version here has links to most of the rest of sudoscript's documentation, most of which is not linked to below.

It's also helpful to read the RELEASENOTES before installing or upgrading sudoscript
Latest and Greatest - 2.1.2b1
Source Code   pretty by perltidy   Raw
sudoscriptd   sudoscriptd-src.html   sudoscriptd
sudoshell   sudoshell-src.html   sudoshell
Man Pages
sudoscript(8)   sudoscript.8.html
sudoscriptd(8)   sudoscriptd.8.html
sudoshell(1)   sudoshell.1.html
Sudoscript(3pm)   Sudoscript.3pm.html
init scripts
Linux   sudoscriptd.linux.init
BSD   sudoscriptd.bsd.rc
Solaris/HP-UX   sudoscriptd.solaris.init